Links For Gaza’s Christians Brewing Illegal Wine In Defiance Of Hamas

Gaza_s_Christians_Defy_Hamas_With_Illegal_Wine___MUNCHIESGaza’s Christians Brew Illegal Win In Defiance Of Hamas [Vice]

What Was Comedy Like In Nazi Germany [r/askhistorians]

10 Beautiful Interracial Arrests [Clickhole]

When 18th Century Scientists Got Everybody Wasted On Nitrous Oxide [io9]

The Double Identity Of An “Anti-Semitic” Commenter [Common Dreams]

How A Palestinian Artist Turned Detainment Into Creative Opportunity [GOOD]

Charlie Sheen Redeems The Ice Bucket Challenge [D+T]

Porn Star Holding 25-Man Sex-a-thon To Raise Money For Bigger Boobs [Gawker]

Mind Blowing Art By A Man With Pineal Gland Cancer [Disinfo]



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