Link Round Up – Spooky Sabbath Edition

If Macauley Culkin Had Had A Shotgun… (Cracked)

Costumes You’d Eat A Baby For (Nachos NY)

Rock Your Nipple’s Till They Chafe (Death + Taxes)

Foul Play(station…): Happy Halo-ween (Death + Taxes)

It’s Official, Hannah Montana Fans Eat Pussy…(CelebJihad)

The Very Happy Meal (What’s Better PBJT&A Or Tater Tits?) (AreYouShaved)

Piglet Gettin’ Pooh’d On (Flavorwire)

So Long Sack Tap, Hello Ball Smash. (Asylum)

Count Flabia: And You Thought It Would Be Scary Having A Vampire On Your Vagina…(FilmDrunk)

Black Magic? Hot! (F-Listed)

An’Thor’ny Hopkins (Screenjunkies)

Octomom Family’s First Halloween. Demon Clad Babies Prefer Flesh Over Chocolate. (Agent Bedhead)

‘New Jews’ Stake Claim to Faith, Culture – Heeb on CNN (CNN)

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Alex Rubin is a grumpy punster. He is also a musician & writer. Born a middle child in Maryland with a passion for Judeo-Erotic Fan Fiction, he arrived at Heeb after completing The Diary of Anne Spank. He currently resides in Coney Island (no soliciting).

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