Link Round Up – Scabies Edition

Samuel L. Jack O’ Lackson, Mothafucka! (Agent Bedhead)

Taylor Swift’s Waltzi with Nazis (CelebJihad)

Andy Samberg & Inappropriate Erections (Film Drunk)

Ditch The Broom, It’s Clit Clippin’ Season… (AreYouShaved)

Fuck Kashrut… Pass The Jew Fungus! (Bintel Blog)

Indie Band Drops N-Bomb. Apathy’s Hiroshima (Death + Taxes)

One Tit. One Face. & Suddenly I’m Lost. Olympically Trippy… (Screen Junkies)

Th’ou About H’at!? (The Daily What)

Where the Mild Things Are (Tablet)

It Ain’t No Slinky… (Mental_Floss)

"…What “Is” Is To “Isn’t.” – & Annoyvertising’s Birthday (F-Listed)

What’s Love Half o’ Jew With It? (Jewcy)

Birthright Leads to Marriage. Hollow Humpin’ Goes Hallow? ‘Tis The Season. (Forward)

What do you think?

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  1. iconic

    What if it were Roseanne who had said that Nazi crap, that Taylor Swift is quoted as saying??? The blogs would be burning….


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