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Join the Party—the Mario Party, that is. Artist Steve Thomas creates retro-style propaganda posters for arcade games. (Mental Floss)

Because Fox News is just too leftist, Kelsey Grammer is launching a more fair and balanced TV channel called "The Right Network." (Death + Taxes)

Researchers have found that men with monotone voices have more sexual partners. Robots are getting more action than you are. (F-Listed)

Want to go to church but can’t bear to tear yourself away from your glowing computer screen? Worship virtually at Dokimos, the church that’s located in Second Life.

Jersey Shore‘s Snooki is single after recently discovering that her boyfriend was using their relationship to get famous. Wait, seriously? (Litely Salted)

And lastly, if you’re into midgets, cadavers, and one-legged chicks…well, we can’t help you with that, but this Girls and Corpses photoshoot can. (Asylum)

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