Lil Dicky Leans Into Stereotypes, and Makes the World’s Most Extravagant Music Video for Free


There’s something to be said for someone who leans so far into a stereotype that they actually manage to turn it into something wonderful. Take Lil Dicky, whose video for “Jewish Flow” we once declared had won “everything, ever” for its depiction of foxy fräuleins, and the fact that it features Hitler losing a rap battle. Since then, LD’s gone on to freestyle for Sway in the Morning, been called an “asshole” by Vice, and generally made a name for himself as one of, if not the Jew to follow in the rap game, overall.

LD’s latest project, the just-released “$ave Dat Money” sees the man who kicked off his first mixtape by exclaimingJews is never supposed to go ham, but…fuck it” embracing the stereotype of the penny-pinching yid so hard that, if stereotypes were people, this one’s head would have popped off. The premise is simple: Dicky politely asks homeowners, car dealers, and much more successful rappers if he can schnorr their wares in order to make the most epic rap video, all without spending a cent.

And he pulls it off. Hard.

Good for the Jews? Bad for the Jews? Who fucking cares?

It’s got a beat and you can dance to it. Really, that’s all that matters.

What do you think?

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