This Larry David-Themed Grindcore Album Exists

Larry David is gloomy ball of simmering anger, ready to erupt into a fits of seismic rage at the drop of a hat. No, I’m not talking about the Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm co-creater. I’m talking about the Grindcore band named in his honor. What’s more surprising than a grouchy Jewish comic getting a metal tribute band? The fact that they’re really, really good:

From MetalSucks:

The thing with Larry David, though, is that they were more than just a hilarious concept. Unlike, say, a bunch of dudes writing shitty music about goblins, the material on Grind Your Ethusiasm—their lone full length—is top fucking notch. The whole damn thing’s a whirlwind of guttural deathgrind, slams, gravity blasts, and all the other requisite things you’d expect from a band called Ensurenment or Octogenarian Sodomy or something.  But since the vocals are, by design, indecipherable, the whole thing is augmented by Curbsamples. And instead of being solely novelty, they play off deathgrind’s inherent silliness and raise everything to another level. “The Seinfeld Reunion” is particularly brutal (peaking with a clip of Larry reviving “George is gettin’ upset!”) and “The Larry David Sandwich” uses slams to drive home the point that a sandwich with whitefish and capers is fucking repugnant (it also highlights the sad dearth of grind songs with Ted Danson samples).

You can listen to the entire album below, and buy it here at a name-your-price rate.

Even if metal isn’t your thing, you’ve gotta admit – this is still lightyears better than being subjected to another terrible @SeinfeldToday “joke”

[h/t @Rusty_Shackles]

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