Kosher Winehouse

Since we were in mourning for most of 2007, Jewdar wasn’t able to listen to music, and now that we can, it’s a little like coming out of a cryogenic freeze. "Are the kids still listening to Neil Sedaka?"

So while we were aware of Amy Winehouse as a cultural phenomenon, we had no real knowledge about her music until the last few weeks. Don’t worry, Jewdar is not going to offer a review of her album; rather, we offer her as a cautionary tale on the evils of drug use.

Yes, perhaps the darkness of her life experiences elevated her art and infused her with all kinds of earthy goodness, but what about the most important standards by which female artists are to be judged–their hotness? Certainly, the photos above of drug addict/ wastoid/treyf Amy vs. zaftig/bad mammele jammele/kosher Amy should serve to remind us all that there’s a reason whey they call it dope.

What do you think?

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