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We at Jewdar were delighted to hear that some self-declared defender of Hinduism has taken it upon himself to take a stand against The Love Guru. According to Rajan Zed, the movie lampoons Hinduism and uses terms like karma frivolously. Now personally, much as we have enjoyed several of Mike Myers’ movies, this one was not on our must-see list, since it seems like the kind of thing in which the trailer shows you the five decent gags that get repeated throughout the film. Still, our support for Zed’s crusade (is that the right word when discussing a Hindu?) has nothing to do with the film itself. Rather we are always delighted to see goyish buttinskys like Zed and the ubiquitous William Donahue acting just as self-righteously and humorlessly as our own variety. We thought it was nice that Zed gave a shout out in the piece to a "prominent Jewish rabbi," who, if you followed his link, turned out to be some Nevada Plonit Almonit who might very well be the most prominent rabbi in Nevada, but come on, let’s have some perspective.

What do you think?

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  1. Hesed

    Lets hope that the people who can comically dismiss another persons silly superstition can make the logical leap necessary to dismiss their own.

    Yeah, that movie looks like it really sucks. Party on Garth.

  2. mrnhghts

    Myers is probably a nice man, but he has become quite annoying, and perhaps should switch to philanthropy instead of comedy.

  3. iconic

    none of the wit and charm of Peter Sellers, Hrundi V. Bakshi, in
    The Party.


  4. iconic

    I’m hearing more talk about the Mini-Me sex tape ,
    than about The Love Guru.


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