Justin Bieber Films Rabbinic Tom Hanks Singing “This Is How We Do It”

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when the upper-upper crust of Hollywood elite gather to celebrate one of their own, this video – instagram’d by none other than Justin Bieber – should put your questions to rest.

Rocking out to Montel Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” at Bieber manager/Svengali Scooter Braun’s wedding party, here’s Tom Hanks in the role(s?) of a lifetime:

Celebratory faux-rabbi, or ultimate “party dad”? I say both.

Given Justin’s seventeen million instagram followers, it’s safe to say Tom is probably wearing the most widely-seen yarmulka in the history of the internet. That thing belongs in a museum. Instead, it’ll probably end up crumpled and forgotten in Hanks’ suit-coat pocket. But hey – Mazal Tov Scooter and bride Yael Cohen! After a blessing from Reb’ Hanks, we’re pretty sure you two crazy kids are gonna be just fine.

[via D+T, Image via Instagram screenshot] 

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  1. Lev Mallinger

    We should not forget that Tom Hank’s 1st feature film, Every Time We Say Goodbye, was filmed in Israel. Additionally, when I first met Tom on the set of A League Of Their Own, his first words to me were,”Shalom Lev”!… He won’t forget the yarmulke in have pocket.


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