Jonah Hill’s Best Moments in the Media

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This week, Universal announced Jonah Hill will join the overrated Russell Brand for Get Him to the Greek, which, considering it’s a spin-off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, will probably be a shit show.

This is strange since the Superbad star’s usually pretty selective with his big roles. He even reportedly walks out of readings for shit films, like Transformers 2.

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Hill does take on a lot of random supporting roles in questionable movies (Night at the Museum 2, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Funny People, Walk Hard). But this funny tub truly shines on the media junket, so hopefully something good will come out of Greek.

So, for those of you who don’t obsessively chubby-chase this smartass’s career, catch up. Here are the collected highlights.

August 2007:

During his press tour for Superbad, Heeb‘s Best Film of 5767, Hill threw a Cartman-esque temper tantrum that felt like an all-too-obvious put-on. Still, the effort was appreciated.

September 2007:

Bagelmeister spent the afternoon with the Heeb crew at 3rd Ward, where we forced him to dress up like Moses and tote around phony kegs of Heineken.

March 2008:

In an era when SNL has more pretty boys than funny ones, Hill killed with this obnoxious Jew boy at the Hibachi table.

July 2009:

It was just bad timing when Hill posed as the King of Pop on the cover of Complex just days after MJ’s death. Pure coincidence, but it created a fantastic, unforgettable too-soon moment.

August 2009:

Jonah Hill playing with kittens. Hey, it’s still much more interesting than his role in Funny People.

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