The New York Times took a break today from their usual fare of identifying Brooklyn as “hipster”, and instead focused their investigative eyes on what is perhaps the most important cultural reporting of the [Year/Decade/Century?] – It turns out that Jews really love whiskey, you guys! (That faint buzzing you hear is your “No Shitometer” kicking into high gear)

According to the Gray Lady:

Whiskey has numerous fan bases, but few are more devoted — and arguably less noticed by the press and public — than Jews, particularly observant Jews. Synagogues are increasingly organizing events around whiskey, and whiskey makers are reaching out to the Jewish market.

Sure plenty of people like whiskey, but no one loves it more than Jews! And the Times is gonna bust this story wide open!

The article posits that Jews have traditionally loved whiskey because, as whiskey is naturally kosher, certification as such doesn’t pose the same challenges as it does for, say, wine. It then goes on to list some of the Jewish uses for whiskey – Uses like: synagogue events, and… other synagogue events.

What the article doesn’t mention is that whiskey is delicious and it gets you good and ripped, which is, I suppose, the only way some of us could make it through a synagogue event in the first place. Still, if you really need to know more about Jews and whiskey, you can check out the whole piece at the New York Times website.

We recommend pouring yourself a stiff drink, first.