Jewish Girls Survive on Dog Food all March

Allyson Martin

Owners of Evermore Pet Food Inc., Hanna Mandelbaum and Alison Weiner are revolutionizing the dog food industry, one quart of food at a time. While many companies claim to be providing human grade dog food, free of fillers, I doubt most are willing to put their money with their mouths are – on their food.

The match made in Patti Stanger heaven plan to eat only their Pet Food for the whole of March. It is no wonder that the balabustas of the domesticated beast trust themselves; with their combined business expertise, culinary and clear passion for all things canine, these ladies bring something to the table we’ve never seen. “Look right there,” Mandelbaum said to me, pointing to Alison’s hand that was cradling a handful of dog food. “There’s a piece of carrot, here’s some Kale, and here’s a pumpkin seed,” Alison continued. “And now, we eat it,” they said with a wide grin sprawled across their face.

Watching someone eat dog food, no matter how delicious it may look, is still – much like eating gefilte fish – not something you can prepare your mind for. Still, with Evermore Pet Food, if you’re a chopped liver fan, you will have some really confusing feelings you shouldn’t be ashamed of. It looks identical. “Sometimes, my mom will just spread it on a cracker,” Mandelbaum said. “It’s great at parties, but sorry…not kosher for Passover!” she continued.

“This is not about the shock value of eating dog food,” Wiener said. “We want people to truly grasp the integrity of the product, and know we stand behind our products one hundred percent.” How will they be doing this? On March 1st, Mandelbaum and Wiener will be taking on a “Super Size Me” inspired 30 day challenge in conjunction with their regional Northeast launch, where they will eat their human-grade, dog food creations. They’ll be working closely with nutritionist Ashley Koff RD, to ensure they’re eating a balanced diet. “With ingredients varying from yams, carrots, kale, dandelion greens, parsley, blueberries, apples, oats, barley, eggs, pumpkin seeds, and kelp, that frankly, this makes a great ‘qualitarian’ diet for anyone!” Koff stated.

Evermore Pet Food Co. is an independent, Brooklyn-based company, all about bringing the nutrients to the table. When these ladies are putting together the ingredients, they take great care. Each of the products used are filler free, cooked in a USDA kitchen with hormone-free meats, fresh produce and local grains, and are primarily purchased from local vendors.

“All of the ingredients we use for our dog food are things we SHOULD be eating,” Wiener said. Both Alison and Hanna are huge advocates for the notion that what we feed our pets should not differ from what we feed ourselves. In addition, although the food has a taste even the pickiest of dogs enjoy, there are excellent health benefits for them beyond that. What exactly are the ladies hoping they benefit from? “Hopefully we will have shinier coats, more energy, and lose excess weight—just like our four-legged customers!”

They will be documenting their “Evermore Me” 30 day journey through their website, and welcome feedback from those who plan on watching them “chow down, doggystyle.”

And, as many of our furry four legged friends will be very jealous of…they get to eat at the table, and won’t have to beg for seconds!

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