That “Jew” Question At Adam Silver’s Donald Sterling Press Conference

That Donald Sterling is a racist piece of shit is no longer a matter of speculation, so much as an NBA investigation has cemented it as a matter of fact. So this afternoon when Adam Silver announced the NBA’s punishment for Sterling in light of his most recent offensive remarks, questions began to pile up: Why did the NBA act only now? (They waited for “concrete evidence” of Sterling’s racism) Why such a relatively light fine? (it’s the maximum allowed by league bylaws.) And how do they plan on engineering Sterling’s sale of the Clippers? (Silver expects he’ll have the support of the remaining team owners.) But it was Sports on Earth’s Howard Megdal who sensed something else was at play here. Something…Jewy.

Megdal asked Silver:


Howard Megdal

You spoke about your personal response to [Sterling’s racist remarks and his subsequent punishment]. In terms of Donald Sterling self-identifying as Jewish, and you doing the same as well, I’m wondering if there was a specific kind of pain associated with that for you, and if you felt a certain responsibility within the Jewish community to be responding to this in this way?

Ah-ha! A scoop – Jew feels Jewishly about other Jew! Or something.

Did Silver check with the rest of the Jewish cabal before issuing his judgement from on high? Did he consult learned sages for the best talmudic punishment for NBA owners who turn out to be complete assholes? Is there some wisdom to be gleaned in this week’s Torah portion that might illuminate the murky question of lifetime bans from the NBA?

Silver, who by all accounts has handled this entire shit show as well as could ever be hoped for, answered in the best way possible:

“I think my response was as a human being.”

The full video of Silver’s presser can be found at the link. Head to the 49:00 minute mark for the jew-cy stuff.


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