J-Date Users Love Tossed Salad

You know what “Tossing Salad” means, right? You do? Feel free to skip the next line

You don’t? Here you go. I’m sorry.

If only XOJane.com writer Rachel Heller had known that before creating her brand new J-Date profile. As she explains in today’s “It Happened To Me” column:

…it was time for the all-important sound-bite, that perfect encapsulation of my complexity and wit: the profile name. Hmm, where to start? Well, I like food –- no, I love food. Food-related, definitely. Specifically healthy food. Like salads –- I love salads! But not those paltry salads with two measly drops of dressing rolling around on the bottom –- no, give me a heaping, colorful salad with a generous drizzle of dressing tossed in. Mmm, yes.

And voila, my profile name: Tossed Salad. It was conservative, it was cute, and it advertised my penchant for health-conscious eating (never a bad thing!). I was ready to go.

To the surprise of…well, nobody by Rachel, she was immediately bombarded by hordes of horny hebrews interested in putting her username to the test.

The whole story is a nice cautionary tale on the dangers of unsupervised J-Dating. Check it out in its entirety over at XOJane.


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  1. DirkJohanson

    I love tossing the salad of hot shiksas, but if I had to toss Rachel Heller’s salad, I’d vomit before I even made contact.


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