Israel on Broadway

Sure, the Japanese went on their Hollywood studio spending spree and gays seem to have made their presence more well known, but every now and then, it’s still nice to have a reminder that we’re Jews, we’re news, and the rest of the world will have to get used to it.

Word on the street (Broadway, that is) is that a host of Hollywood heavies will be appearing on video in Times Square offering their birthday wishes to the greatest national comeback story of all time. (Tom Cruise appears to be mildly sedated in the vid.)

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Tinseltown has shown its true colors. On Israel’s 30th there was Barbra singing Hatikva via satellite to Golda Meir (full disclosure time; back in Milwaukee, when she was still Golda Mabovitz, she worked as a teacher at the Yiddishe Folkschul where Jewdar’s great-grandpa Nathan Sand was principal). Then there was Israel’s 50th, when Hollywood staged a star-studded celebration (but don’t worry, Kevin Costner was host, so it wouldn’t be, you know, too ethnic).

As for us, we’ll break out with the l’chayims for the Jewish State when Israeli Consulate media affairs mogul David Saranga tells us that it’s time for our closeup.

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