If Jews Really Ruled the World: ‘Iron Man’ Edition

Jonathan Jacobs wonders how ‘Iron Man’ might have turned out if the Jews who run Hollywood decided to take their influence to the next level!

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About The Author

Jonathan Jacobs

Jonathan Jacobs is a writer, director, DJ and satirist. He is the creator of the comic strip "Not Kosher" for Heeb and a founding member of the Obie Award-winning New York-based theater company The National Theater of the United States of America [NTUSA]. Acclaimed in his guise as The Vintage DJ, he can also be found around town spinning an array of forgotten audio delicacies from the 30's through the 70's on a pair of vintage classroom record players. Jonathan's great grandfather is believed to have invented 'cream cheese' back in the day, but subsequently sold the rights to the recipe for a piddling $100. As a result of the loss of this fortune, Jonathan has been forced to delve into the whorish world of entertainment and comedy. To see more of the fruits of his satirical prostitution, check out his blog at: jonathanjacobs.tumblr.com.

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  1. Observer

    Ah… so Jews for Jesus are the bad guys..? Not 1.4 Billion Muslims who’d like to wipe out every Jew from the face of the Earth…?! Jews for Jesus. Yeah. Real threat there. Oh well, I guess it’s a good thing Christians (or Messianics… whatever) have a sense of humour. They’ll just point out that you’ve got a lame sense of humour. Had you had Muslims as the Enemy, they’d put a bullet through your brain or blow up your family. (And that wouldn’t be so humourous, huh?!)


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