Indian Furor Over the Fuhrer

We know, it’s a week after Hitler’s birthday, but hey, we were never good with getting presents in on time. Word on the street in Bombay (we’ll call it "Mumbai" when they call their film industry "Mollywood") is that eager young Indian middle-management types are snatching copies of Mein Kampf off the shelf as fast as they can publish them. Apparently, the addled Indians imagine that der Fuhrer’s rants are chock full of useful management tips. We suspect that the first lesson they will learn is not to waste their money on Mein Kampf, but just as a warning, if any of you _Heeb _readers do find yourselves in negotiations with an Indian businessman anytime soon, whatever you do, don’t give him the Sudetenland.

What do you think?

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    This might surprise some, but given there’s something like, 7 billion people in the world, it’s a pretty safe bet that about 3 billion people around the world have no idea who Hitler was beyond “Leader of Germany during WW2”, if even that. And Germany, basically on her own, managed to cause a lot of trouble for the rest of the world. Plus, Hitler DID manage to motivate a lot of people into doing lots of things (Most of them terrible, but that’s one of the finer points these people miss).

    The German role in World War 2 in general and Nazi-sponsored genocide in particular just aren’t percieved as some kind of unparalled epitome of evil all around the world, that’s just mainly in the Western world. Other cultures usually have their own frames of reference for that sort of thing.


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