Iggy Azalea Plays Fancy Bar Mitzvah Party, Promptly Splits Her Pants

If there’s any awkwardness at a Bar Mitzvah party, it’s usually on the part of the semi-pubescent pisher-of-honor experiencing an inopportune “today I am a Man” moment in full view of family and friends during a slow dance. But, if you’re rap superstar Iggy Azalea, and you’re being paid god knows how much to perform at a Bar Mitzvah party (which is totally what our wise rabbinic elders had in mind) the awkwardness comes when you split your pants at the seam in front of a room full of middle-schoolers.

Does hiring Iggy “So much wet will have yo ass sinking” Azalea to perform at a party for thirteen year olds make you the coolest parent of the year, or the absolute worst? (not that the two are mutually exclusive…) Will this Bar Mitzvah kid’s impression of Jewish adulthood forever fused with the image of a Cosmo covergirl‘s tushy?

Were you there? What happened next? We want to know.

[h/t @BrianAbrams, via BarstoolSports]

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