How A Bagel Gets Its Hole

“How The Bagel Got Its Hole” may sound like a Rudyard Kipling story, but stop and think about it: A loop of dough with a perfectly formed center (or, lack thereof) is a fairly unnatural shape to mass produce. So, how does the humble bagel take its geometrically perfect form? As usual, our (un-sourced, so therefor slightly dubious) answer comes from that hive of scum and villainy – Reddit, where user Love_From_London posted the following to the popular /r/gifs subreddit.


Gaze into the mysterious, bagel-y abyss. Get lost in the hypnotic formation of the ultimate pastry. Spend hours contemplating the mystery of the perfect bagel hole…

Or, just watch it a few times, and click away to something else.

[via reddit, h/t Brian]

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