Hot Damn! Holocaust Survivors Just Can’t Catch a Break

Anew studyshows that victims of the Holocaust have a higher risk of getting cancer. Contributing factors are high levels of emotional stress at a young age, extreme calorie restriction and drum roll please….cigarette smoking! Excuse my German, but no shit, Sherlock. (Cigarettes are often used by people suffering from post-traumatic stess disorder, but I’m ignoring that fact for this post.)

I am, however, more concerned about the calorie/cancer link. If this gives my grandmother one more reason to think gefilte fish is something I should shove down my trap, that bitch has another thing coming.

Knock on wood, of course.

What do you think?

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  1. Lips_75

    wow… way to make light of the holocaust and call your bubbe a bitch all in one post.

  2. triple_lindy

    To the post writer: You better apologize to your Bubby before mine breaks her thick, stocking’d foot off in your boney ass.

    This post further demonstrates that some of the content on this site can ruin the whole experience. please don’t go down the road

  3. msutherl

    Awww, come on guys, it’s a little funny.

    I think that people LOVE to point out the obvious way too much when it comes to smoking…Like, omg, smoking increases your risk of lung cancer. Yeah, duh!

  4. Anonymous

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