Life is sometimes good to Jewdar. Ahhhh, who are we kidding? Life is always great to Jewdar. Just yesterday, we read an article about how an NYC public school parent allegedly accidentally emailed his third grader’s PTA mailing list extolling the virtues of a work of Holocaust Denial literature.

So we read the article, and what do we find but that the parent in question is one Michael Santomauro, who, in addition to running the Holocaust Denial publishing company that published the book (the respectably and deceptively named “Theses and Dissertations Press”), has done this sort of thing before.

See, in addition to being a publishing magnate and parent, Mr. Santomauro also runs a roommate referral service in New York called Roommate Finders, and seven years ago, users of the service also received emails questioning the Holocaust, which leads Jewdar to conclude that the “accidental” email yesterday was really just a case of the viral marketing equivalent of a stalker sending his inamorata creepy, sexually explicit poetry.

But it gets better, because once this story was posted on various websites, of course, people began to comment, including one “Steven Goldberg,” who stepped up to defend Santomauro (or “Santamauro” as “Mr. Goldberg” spells it.) If you read the local CBS website, all you see is Goldberg’s post. But what “Mr. Goldberg” didn’t realize is that when he posted on the Fox site through his twitter account, it didn’t just show his post, but the account from which it was posted–which belongs to [drumroll, please] Michael Santomauro.

We don’t know if there’s an award for awkward viral marketing schemes gone awry, but we know who Jewdar’s nominee would be.