Head Games

Minutes after the grand opening of Berlin’s new Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, a German man pushed passed two guards and ripped the head off a wax effigy of Adolph Hitler.

So, the guy murders six-million people and the Germans give him the equivalent of what I do to photos of ex-girlfriends? How about ripping his head off when he was alive?

What do you think?

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  1. iconic

    so the company promoting this said that ” there was a demand for
    its inclusion, as long as the portrayal was sensitive.”
    Do they mean portray a touchy-feely Hitler ? a spiritual Hitler?
    a creative Hitler? maybe a tender Hitler?

  2. Puck

    I think it would be difficult (and unwise) to attempt any portrayal of German history or culture without including the ‘elephant in the room’.
    I think it’s touching that someone was so outraged that they took the head off it.
    Too bad they didn’t develop a

  3. iconic

    I had thought that Germany had laws against the reproducing of Nazi symbols.
    I do agree that the decapitation came 60 years too late .

  4. ruben

    Even if they wanted to rip his head off -would have been difficult considering he was … ‘Der Führer’!!!

    Believers generally don’t question their leaders -look at Bush … how come we haven’t cut his head off yet!!!???

  5. jewdar

    Grrrrrr, you beat me to the post. But yeah, when Tom Cruise’s movie about Claus von Stauffenberg comes out and people start prattling on about how brave the July 20 plot conspirators were, keep in mind that with all these soldiers (and Stauffenberg was c


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