In an effort to further your appreciation of the richness and renewed vitality of Jewish life among young people today, we give you the next chapter of our new installment, which we have aptly titled, “Gratuitous Jewess.”

This week’s slice of kosher pie is singer/songwriter/bar owner Talia Klein, a sun-kissed bike-riding hipster who is constantly fighting off horny drunks at the bar she owns. Currently residing in Tel Aviv and looking for excuses to “create and party, ” Klein is single, on the prowl and even likes your type. “I’ve been dating some Heeb-y geeky fellas, but I guess they were never geeky in my eyes. I love a man who’s not afraid of the library.” Hot girlfriend and plenty of free drinks. Looks like some lucky Heeb reader is about to hit the jackpot.

(More photos after the jump)

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