Grado And Colt Cabana Team Up For ICW Tag-Team Championship As “IRN JEW”

There are probably those among you who think wrestling (professional, semi-professional, and “backyard” alike) is an infantile hodgepodge of testosterone-fuled “fights” strung together in a never-ending mitosis and mitosis of rivalries and betrayals on the part of characters who oftentimes embody (and subvert) ethnic, cultural, and economic stereotypes. And there are the rest of us who love ‘wrasslin’ for those exact same reasons.

Enter ICW (That would be Scotland’s “Insane Championship Wrestling”) and their upcoming Tag-Team championship match. Breakout UK star Grado has paired up with Chicago native, and proud yid Colt Cabana (Born: Scott Colton, BA in Business Marketing from W. Michigan University) and given us one of the most entertaining, funniest promos I’ve seen in years.


Colt, if you couldn’t figure it out, is the one decked out in the Stars of David unitard (a must-have semitic fashion statement for the discerning Jew or Jewess)

[via Reddit]

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