Go ahead and watch this neo-Nazi get punched extremely hard in the face.

Hey look! Here’s actual white supremacist Richard Spencer. You know, the guy who lead a crowd in chants of “heil victory” the other month. The guy who thinks America should be a white ethnostate. The guy who called for a “peaceful ethnic cleansing.” 

You know, this guy.

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What a dick.

Anyway, Richard was in Washington DC this weekend, celebrating the inauguration of President Trump (shocker, right?). There, he deigned to give an on-the-street interview about a very stupid, racist meme, without realizing he was about to become one, himself. 


Here, watch it again. 

Okay, one more time?

Okay, this is the last one, I promise.

Just kidding. Here it is…in the air tonight. 

You’re welcome!  

What do you think?

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  1. Mitchell Paul

    Similar to the Jewish’ holocaust industry’ as revealed by dr Norman Finklestein, Jewish leadership have created a ‘antiterrorism industry and it is called ‘secure community network ‘or SCN.
    Under the guise of protectng Jews from terrorism, its actual function is to steal money for the founders and trustees.
    Who are these people? Gerald Silverman of North American Jewish federations(800,000$). Malcolm Hoenlein( 650,000$) of the Confrence of presidents of major jewish organizations. David Harris(1,400,000$) of the American Jewish committe and from my hometown Cleveland Stephen Hoffman(850,000$).
    Grants exceed income claimed on public IRS 990 reports. Geraldo Silverman’ s group in 2012 gave SCN 450,000$….the same year SCN claimed 413,000$ total from all sources….and many other Jewish federation’s also gave. One might imagine that with the multiple layers of oversight by highly paid jewish prodessionals this would not be possible….but that is the bullshit they spout to get you to entrust your monies with them.
    Paul Goldenberg has an interesting claimed biography if true…but it is not.
    Which sixth largest American county human services agency did Paul Goldenberg lead as claimed? He and his attorney robert f munoz REFUSE to answer…
    Very little is very accurate but the founders and trustees needed someone willing to steal for them…reducing the pool of potential leaders for this important task of protecting the Jewish people…whom they. Alledgedly LOVE and swear to protect.
    This will make the William Rapfogels case look small.


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