George Carlin: The Heeb Interview

Okay, so I didn’t exactly get to interview the legendary comedian face-to-face, but in my pubescent years, I pestered a bunch of entertainers with questionairres via snail mail. Carlin was one of the few celebs who responded and even went so far as to correct my grammar:


What do you think?

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  1. lobster

    The lady on the plane will say “An oxygen mask will drop down in front of you. Place the mask over your face and breathe normally.” Well, I have no problem with that. I always breathe normally when I’m in a 600 mile-an-hour uncontrolled vertical dive. I a

  2. Hesed

    Yeah, Red…he was the thirteenth apostle. He thought the Red Sea was named after him.

  3. Jewface Killah

    Tell the captain Air Marshall Carlin says go fuck ya self.


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