Flavor Flav Inspires this Season’s J.A.P Accesory of Choice

I hate to admit it, but I was raised on WASP wear – Barbour, Lily Pulitzer, Sperry boat shoes and ribbons ruled my closet.  After four years in Manhattan, my wardrobe is now packed with velvet Juicy tracksuits, Tory Burch Reva flats, black pants, black legging, black jeggings. I own Louis Vuitton and more than occasionally rock a side pony.

At first I resisted transforming my style, even after my now fiance, who’s from Potomac, Maryland insisted it was hot. Over the last few years, I started experimenting and quickly became obsessed with JAP fashion and finding affordable variations on the latest trends. This city savvy look is sophisticated and chic, whether you were born and bred on Long Island or not.

Recently, I’ve noticed an amazing trend on the birthday brunch circuit, other than unlimited mimosas and bloody Mary’s. The over-sized gold watch is must-have bling this season and is number one on my imaginary back-to-school shopping list. This shiny accessory has made a huge come-back, and pairs perfectly with a fall frock and flats, or jeggings and grungy lace up boots. There are two options from Michael Kors in the Flavor Flav-inspired accessory, one being less gold and slightly more downplayed than the alternative.

Personally, I’m revving up my flair this season because women in Manhattan are rocking leopard capes and 80s Madonna is back, so I figured, nu, why not be like Madge and “Express?”

What do you think?

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Alyson Gerber

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  1. Jaimie

    LOVE! So candid and a story so, so many of us can related to! I think we’ve all had our transition into JAP style at one point or another…especially living in NYC. Looking forward to hearing more from this clearly talented and hilarious writer. Dead on.

  2. ggerber

    Keep the yen flowing. It doesn’t matter how large the face of my watch is, I’m still often an hour off. It helps when there is no second hand, however. Why not have another watch?


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