Five “Blazing Saddles” Tee-Shirts You Can Buy Right Now

You love Blazing Saddles, right? Of course right. Arguably Mel Brooks’ magnum opus, Blazing Saddles is one of, if not the single greatest American cultural contribution to the 20th century. These days, as Brooks basks in a renewed chorus of accolades, why not show your appreciation for his ode to silliness with one of these stylish teeshirts? Look good, feel great, and show passers-by that you speak authentic frontier gibberish.


Hey! Where Are The White Women At? – A bold choice, and one almost certainly likely to get your ass kicked if you wear it outside of your house. Still, if you’re going to get the shit kicked out of you for fashion, you could do a lot worse than this.














The Classic “Star Wars” – Look familiar? It should. Years before Brooks would put his Spaceballs on the silver screen, he was already spoofing Tom Jung’s classic poster for Ep. IV: A New Hope.














Mongo Likes Candy – Mongo, despite being only “pawn in game of life” knows what he likes. And what he likes is candy. Do you like candy? Do you like Mongo? This shirt’s for  you.














Gabby Johnson Authentic Frontier Gibberish – We ran this one through our fact-checking department, and yes, this is authentic frontier gibberish.














Never Mind That Shit… Here Comes Mongo! – The ultimate non-sequeter fashion statement. Stuck in a conversation that just won’t end? Just flash this bad boy and watch people run for their lives.



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