Fine Jewish Dining On President Obama’s India Trip

There’s an old story about Marilyn Monroe dating back to her time spent married to Arthur Miller. She and Arthur were eating dinner at Miller’s parents house (I’ve heard one version of the story which claims it was Rosh Hashanah, and another that say it was Marilyn’s first time meeting the extended Miller family. Maybe it was both?) and, like in many a Brooklyn Jewish household, the soup course of the meal turned out to be – what else? – matzo balls in chicken broth. So Marilyn, having never eaten matzo balls before, politely turned to her mother-in-law, and, in a moment of either innocent cluelessness, or – as I like to choose to believe – sly raunchiness, asked:

Are these the only part of the matzo you’re allowed to eat?

Fast forward a few decades – President Obama is, as this is being written, on a high level trip through India. And this, according to Edward Isaac-Dovere, POLITICO’s Sr. Whitehouse Correspondent, is what’s being served to the press corps at one of the stops along the way:

I can only hope those matzos were treated with compassion and respect before they were killed (by a kosher butcher, of course) for their delicious, meaty balls.

What do you think?

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