Fat Jew Waxes Philosophical On Kosher Tacos (Of Course)

Great thinkers have asked themselves deep questions since the moment our ape ancestors threw bones at a giant black monolith;  “Is there a god?”, “What is the meaning to life?”, “What happens when we die?” – Important and worthwhile questions all, but none comes close to the depths and profundity reached when  Fat Jew (aka Fabrizio Goldstein, aka Jewther Vandross, aka “The King of Brunch“) asks: Why Kosher Tacos? 

The video is part of The Conversos Y Tacos Experience, a Jewish-Latin culinary art project taking place in El Paso, Texas. The project, created by (former Heeb photo editor) Peter Svarzbein, describes itself as “a language to connect Jewish and Mexican food traditions in order to spark an interaction about the often hidden Spanish-Jewish presence in the Southwest and Latin America.” In other words: An excuse to get down on some delicious food truck tacos, and learn a little while you’re at it. Tasty.

If you’re in the El Paso area, check out the The Conversos Y Tacos Experience at various locations around town all week.

For more about the project, check them out at whykoshertacos.tumblr.com.

What do you think?

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  1. Cheryl

    Hit the Food Truck Park for lunch today. El Paso is filled with unexpected, wonderful stuff, not the least of which is the kosher taco truck. Amazing brisket and pickle tacos.


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