Exploding Asians, Televised Demons and Technologically Advanced Dictators: Wednesday Link Roundup

China’s version of “High School Musical” will be the first movie ever in MSG3-D (Agent Bedhead)

Courtney Love gives her daughter some sound advice in the form of a publicly humiliating clusterfuck of tweets.  (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

A rare gray whale was sited outside of the Pacific Ocean for the first time in 300 years — off of Israel’s shore, no less. Residents, of course, scramble to make money off of this unique opportunity. (Scienceblogs)

Hugo Chavez has 200 people working his Twitter. Demonizing the U.S. in 140 characters or less isn’t a one-man job, unlike, say, running a country. (Death + Taxes)

Enjoy this pretty prepube pianist’s song and dance and know that Justin Beiber Mania is upon us. Do not worry about overzealous preteen fans, but pray to the Jewish God his tour bus never reaches the Vatican (where no one can hear your high-pitched screams) (The Daily What)

You’ve seen it before and you’re going to see it again. Producers are scouting talent for a JAP-oriented reality TV show. ¬†Sources say that it will either be called “The Real Jewsy Shore Housewives,” or “The First Sign of the Apocalypse.” (Radar Online)

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