Enter the “Dreidel Hustler” Doll

First, it was just a name I gave my MySpace page, something that would capture my gambling addict alter-ego and caricaturize my Internet persona in a sort of pathetic larger-than-life softcore pornstar kind of way. Then, it became my official title at Heeb, a nebulous way of describing whatever the hell it is I do here. And, next thing you know, the dollmakers at Kamibashi decided to make a string doll in my spitting image to sell and distribute all over the world.

Apparently, I’m big in Japan.

What do you think?

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Brian Abrams

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  1. boychik

    Is there a human being out there who has purchased the Dreidel Hustler doll? Or perhaps I should put it this way, if you created a doll of a turd, would less people purchase it than the dreidel hustler doll?


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