Drug Supply Dwindles; Israeli Teenagers Take A Hit

Yet another blow to Israeli-Arab relations: Afghanistan’s opium poppy production, responsible for 90 percent of the world’s supply, has fallen this year due to bad weather, a rise in alternative (read: not drug-related) crops and a mysterious poppy disease. As a result, it’s getting even more expensive to chase that dragon, which sucks for Israeli teens — almost two percent aged 12 to 18 shot up the smack this past year.

Factor in that hashish shortage, caused by a drought in Egypt (one of Israel’s big suppliers), and it’s tough for the  drug-addled Israeli youth — all of whom are required to serve in the army — to forget their troubles. Lucky for them, over-the-counter cold medicine and batteries are still as readily available as ever. Prepare to see a lot more meth heads roaming the streets of Tel Aviv, mumbling incoherently and grinning toothless smiles at their triumph over the fallen Arabic drug monopoly.

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