DJ Kool Jew Says Wipe Yourself

These wipes were a way to show I cared about the fans and myself, to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria so everyone could enjoy my tracks in a safe, carefree way. Handing these out to my fans at the Heeb Pour ‘Em Party was an honest gesture that worked, and worked a little too well. Now you can’t find a DJ Kool Jew wet wipe anywhere — and people are still just as endangered by germs and bacteria as ever before.

It’s hard to keep things fresh without a wet wipe endorsement anymore and an original supply that has run dry, hence my current pursuit to my old sponsor. The sooner that comes around the quicker I can return to a pretty consistent gig schedule, delivering what I love to the people I love. Until then, my followers should know I am still here, just as strong as before, and not planning to go away anytime soon. Case in point: Check out my latest track, inspired by Heeb intern Matthew Livi’s two cents on vajazzling.

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