RIP Paul Mazursky (1930-2014). Here He Is Talking About Jews In Space With Leonard Nimoy

Legendary writer, director, and actor Paul Mazursky passed on Tuesday. Among his credits are classics like Moscow On The Hudson, Down and Out In Beverly Hills, and Scenes From A Mall. You might also recognize him as the guy Larry David kills in S7 of Curb (“how’s your wife?”).

Mazursky leaves a rich and textured legacy that’s on par with the greats of the 20th century filmmaking, and yet, when I think of him, I’m constantly drawn to this scene from his “IT’S ALL CRAP” talk show. Here we find Mazursky and Leonard Nimoy cracking wise like a couple of Hebrew school delinquents, replete with ample “Uranus” jokes. It is, like so much for Mazursky’s work, a genuine pleasure to watch:

And as an extra bonus, here he is grilling longtime friend Mel Brooks on one of Brooks’ favorite topics: Hitler

At the time of his death, Paul Mazursky was 84. His films, however, are timeless.

[h/t Jon for reminding me about that Nimoy clip]

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