Delta Blues

Last month, Texas web designer Robert McKee paid a visit to The Big Apple. On his way back home to Dallas-Fort Worth, he experienced an atrocious seven hours sitting on one of JFK’s runways with crying babies and no food, and Delta wouldn’t let its passengers off the plane to seek another option home.

To stick it to Delta and JFK for their poorly planned flight, McKee recorded those agonizing hours on the plane and uploaded a “video on YouTube”: to show the world his shitty time. The following week, both “CBS Evening News”: and “NBC Nightly News”: picked it up and ran it as their top story. Yesterday, “_Newsweek_ ran a story”: on his poor experience.

“I talked to Delta about three weeks ago, and they offered me 2,500 air miles for my troubles,” McKee told us this morning. “That’s an equivalent of about [$68]. That would get me one tenth of the way [from Dallas] to Shreveport … Maybe they could take the whole _Heeb_ crew to Tel Aviv, then we’ll talk.”

What do you think?

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  1. kbookatz

    I didn;’ know that Snakes on a Plane was inspired by true events. You learn something new every day.

  2. Brian Abrams

    NYT posted the vid on their site this morning along with an article about the phenom of plane delays and an “air travel activist” Kate Hanni who’s fighting it.

    The Paper of Record did get one of the facts wrong (Hanni actually contacted McKee; the story


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