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If Fans Picked the Criterion Collection (Screen Junkies)

Raekwon: “My Mouth is Too Small to Suck A Dick”(Shabooty)

Steve Martin is a Banjo-Playin’ Fool (Film Drunk)


When Insults HadClass (Miss Cellania)

Keira Knightley Snacks On A Finger – Now, With Fake Boobs! (Agent Bedhead)

Nerds DO Make Passes on Girls Who Wear Glasses (Wolf Gnards)

New Music Video! Jay-Z (ft. Rihanna & Kanye West) – “Run This Town” (The Daily What)

This Is What the Internet Does to Your Children (Comedy Central Insider Blog)

Welcome to Route 36, the World’s First CocaineBar (Flisted)


Alyssa Milano People Magazine Wedding Photos (Amy Grindhouse)

Kyle Weinreb’s Struts his Bar Mitzvah Ass in his Lakers Anthem Video (Sporting News NBA)

Chubby Jewish Boy Dreams of One Day Being Next Apatow Muse (Onion)



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