Cute Jew Boys: Another Fetishist Site Joins the Tumblr Ranks

I’ll admit it, I’ve had my share of fantasies about Ira Glass. Most of them revolve around Ira punishing me for never having donated a cent to NPR. Then he gives me a free tote bag and we both go on our merry way. As previously reported, Tumblr has unleashed a pair of notable Jewy blogs, Oy Babe! and Jews I Would Do, and, while they certainly deliver on their promises of smokin’ Jew ass—I was left wanting more.

Then, just in time, Cute Jew Boys found its way onto my bedroom laptop. Showcasing the finest boychiks around, the site’s admins have impeccable taste when it comes to choosing sexy chosens. Unfortunately for Ira Glass, Cute Jew Boys has forced me to abandon my NPR fantasy. I’m now hoping to somehow become involved in a Macklovitch brother sandwich.

What do you think?

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Shtetlfabs is a potty-mouthed history geek who hails from Pittsburgh and spends a good amount of her time rifling through dusty papers, baking rugelach in her pajamas and offending her entire family.

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