Chosen Music: Dirty Fences to Play at the Pour ‘Em Party

Set to perform February 27 at Heeb‘s "Pour ‘Em" Party in Brooklyn, Dirty Fences are the total opposite of Disney-made, family-friendly pop. During our interview, guitarist and vocalist Xan Aird told tales of fucking the daughter of a music legend, a race-specific STD and, of course, Taylor Swift. If this is any indication, a Saturday night with the Fences will be good and dirty.

Like their sweaty, fast-paced, garage punk sound, Aird’s surprisingly blue answers to my mild questions left me shocked. Is it all true or just some naughty rock star schtick? I’m not entirely sure, but, for now, I’m taking his word for it. [Editorial note: Heeb is not responsible for statements made by Xan Aird. We’re just telling it as it was told to us, people.]

So give me a little history lesson on Dirty Fences.

We were assembled by Matador Records as a sort of pre-packaged, indie alt-rock supergroup. I was playing with the Lemonheads, a Boston-based bubble-grunge band, and was approached by Chris Lombardi, Matador’s founder, about this dream project . . . I think the uniting theme is that all of us have spent a considerable amount of time fucking famous rock stars’s daughters. We all get a good laugh out of the story of Paul McCartney chasing me out of his house in the Hamptons with a machete. I was buck-naked and had his daughter’s shit all over my cock!

Okay. Where’d you guys get your name?

It’s an STD only black people get.

Awesome. Moving on, when’s some new material coming out?

We’re in the studio, Electric Ladyland in Manhattan, working on our debut LP. All the other stuff has been rough demos. The full-length should be out by Christmas 2010.

The Shining Twins will also be playing at the Heeb "Pour ‘Em" party. You’ve played with them before, right?

Sluts. Total sluts. And Michael Stipe is a huge fan, which is gay.

What inspired the song "Taylor Swift"? And has she contacted you about it?

Actually, Jack was fucking Taylor the other night and he had his iTunes playlist calibrated so the song would come on right as he climaxed. So funny! But she thinks the song is pretty funny. We’ve amended the lyrics for recent live shows so that we sing, ‘I wish I was with Sasha Grey I do / I wish I was Sasha Grey I do / When you wake up in the morning / she’s not right next to you / I wish I was wish Sasha Grey I do.’ And she has contacted us and, according to her lawyers, is not very happy. Our own legal team thinks we’ll be able to work it out, so we don’t sweat it.

So any big plans for your set at the Heeb "Pour ‘Em Party" this Saturday?

Well, three of us are of the tribe, so to speak. We’re a bit bummed we’re not going to be home in Brookline with our families. I go to temple with Kevin Youkilis of the Red Sox — shout out to Ohabei Shalom! So I won’t be getting to drink with him, which bums me out, but we have some tricks to get the shiksa knickers down.

Buy tickets now to see Dirty Fences live, along with Team Facelift, The Shining Twins, Cowboy Mark, DJ Drew Heffron and DJ Kool Jew, at Heeb‘s "Pour ‘Em" party on February 27 at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, New York. To find out more about Dirty Fences, visit the band’s MySpace page.

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