17 · The Notorious Issue

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Six For Five

When Montreal-based artist Pat Hamou came across an old lineup photo of Murder Inc. hitman Abe "Kid Twist" Reles in an old New York Daily News, he was mesmerized. He began researching figures from the golden er...
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If You Build It

"I first went to Israel in 1959 and I have very fond memories of it," Richard Meier tells me from his office in New York City. "I never thought I'd actually have the opportunity to work there." Thanks to the...
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Trouble at the Rosenkrantz Ranch

It was June of 1985, but when Robert Rosenkrantz fired ten bullets into high school classmate Steve Redman, it felt like something out of the Wild West. Twenty-three years later, Rosenkrantz is out of prison. Allen Salkin remembers a murder that grabbed the attention of a California town and the gay community nation-wide.
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Web Exclusive!

Tony Curtis
His game
Bernie Schwartz's parents came to the US from Satmar because it was the land of opportunity. Changing his name to Tony Curtis, he became one of the hottest commodities in Hollywood in the 1950's, earning an Oscar nod and screen time with some of Tinseltown's biggest names (including a spot on The Flintstones as "Stony Curtis").

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