Braying for Our Souls

Let us begin by saying we are not big fans of Ann Coulter. We read _Treason_, her celebration of spuriousness some years back, and will leave it up to “William F. Buckley”: to sum up our feelings on the subject. Suffice it to say that we and Buckley don’t necessarily agree on much (the existence of God, the advisability of legalizing drugs, the deceit of Coulter, though he is much more generous than we are), so when we do, pay attention.

Coulter recently got into a little jouhaha over her “comments”: on Donny Deutsch’s _The Next Big Thing_ to the effect that Jews should become Christians. We’ve heard that one before so the content of her message isn’t all that upsetting. Frankly, that’s a “fairly traditional Christian outlook”:, however disturbing it may be. That said, Coulter is not in the best position to defend the merits of Christianity. If the Pope wants to say that we need to be perfected, more power to him; the man has given up sex for his faith, We’d say he’s paid his dues and has the right to talk some trash. Ann Coulter, however, is a hateful, hypocritical shrew who pretty much embodies the exact opposite of the attitudes expressed by Jesus in the “Sermon on the Mount”:

But Coulter didn’t just say the Jews should convert. She said that America would be a better place without the Jews, which, last time we checked, is not part of Christian theology. Unfortunately, her critics will lose track of the latter in an effort to issue the usual senseless and theologically-ungrounded screeds (“What? Christians think that Jews need to be saved? Since when?”).

Oh, and while we’re not usually prone to criticize the physical appearance of those with whom we disagree, insofar as she has tried to sell herself in part on her appearance, we think its fair to point out that Ann Coulter is, in fact, scrawny, horse-faced and about as erotically-stimulating as Ed Asner on a toilet.

What do you think?

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4 Responses

  1. Puck

    Hmmph…that’s one horse I wouldn’t ride if my life depended on it *shudder*
    If she’s selling herself on the basis of her appearance, I’d be demanding a refund.

  2. iconic

    ” Ed Asner on a toilet ”
    Very unfair to Ed Asner.
    He doesn’t have that bobbing Adam’s Apple…

  3. missladyj

    Ann Coulter is a whore. spread your legs for the media Bitch! ( we can still swear here ? right?)


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