Behold the Piercing Stare of Shalom Auslander

Shalom Auslander is angry: angry about his Orthodox childhood in Monsey, NY; angry about his father drinking too much; angry about the God of the Old Testament acting so darn ruthlessly. In fact, Shalom Auslander is so angry that he cannot even bring himself to smirk for the camera. It’s too bad because he should be beaming. His forthcoming memoir “_Foreskin’s Lament_”: (Riverhead Hardcover) is out tomorrow and already #202 on Amazon’s Bestseller list and the yiderati are all in a tizzy, wondering aloud whether he’s the next Phillip Roth. Such comparisons may be premature, but we can say without reservation that “his streaming video”: makes him at least the equal of “Rosh Hashanah Girl.”:

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The Grand Conspirator is part of a secret Semitic society that traces its roots to Medieval Salamanca. He will be saying Kaddish for Soupy Sales for the rest of his life.

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