The Automatic Bagel Slicer Of Your Dreams/Nightmares

This video is a few years old, but seems to have languished in relative obscurity until recently when it was re-upped here, which prompted me to go on a wild bagel-chase to track down an embeddable version. For those of you who’ve been refraining from bread during Passover and who, when the time comes to dig in on some leavened wheat, want it as fast as humanly-fucking-possible, well…this is about as fast as I’ve ever seen a bagel move:

Half of me is dying to have one of these installed in my home kitchen, and the other half of me knows that if I did, I’d be down to three fingers and a thumb in no time. For now, I guess, I’ll have to leave the high-speed bagel mechanics to the pros.

What do you think?

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