An Open Letter to Katy Perry’s Parents

Dear Pastors Mary and Keith Hudson,

I have just finished listening to your daughter’s newest album Teenage Dream, and, well, we have ourselves a situation. And not one of the Jersey Shore variety.

Frankly, I am concerned that lil’ Katy is losing her way and soon there will be no escaping from the firm grasp of Satan (who, by the way, is probably just a Jewish record exec). Now as practicing evangelists and CEO’s of the Keith Hudson Ministries, Inc., this should concern you. One, because you are her parents. And two, you are the Lord’s “end time messengers,” and as “end time messengers,” I would assume that one of your roles is to reduce the Gross National Exposure to Your Daughter’s Breasts.

I am all for celebrating one’s body (heck, I celebrate mine once a year on May 23rd (by the way, Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards!)(No cash!)), but these are our children we’re talking about here! Do you have any idea what kind of damage a little cleavage can do to a red adolescent puppet? Tons! Tickle Me Elmo? More like Stop Touching Yourself in the Bathing Suit Area Elmo. (OH SNAP)

However, Katy Perry’s marketing tools…I mean, her chest isn’t Jesus’ problem. It’s her music. Oh, it’s bad. It’s awful. It’s trash. And not in a elitist snobby-way. In a only a slight improvement on Ke$ha-kind of way. Let’s consider for a moment that all of your daughter’s fans are teenage girls (and by “consider” I mean, “let’s just state this as fact”). Did you know that Teenage Dream features a song about threesomes (“Last Friday Night”), a metaphor for the male reproductive organ thinly disguised as an homage to an obnoxiously colorful bird (“Peacock”), and finally, the inescapable titular track encourages lovers–teen or otherwise–to go all the way? YOU DID? Gasp.

Keith, Mary, I’m no prude. One of my favorite records of all time is George Michael’s Faith. Imeanright? SO awesome. But the least your daughter can do for Jesus is cover her cleave every once in awhile, not marry a former drug and sex addict (we hear there are problems. Shocker. Not.), and refrain from recommending an orgy as a plausible option for a Friday night when you have nothing else to do and Friday Night Lights is a repeat. Oh, wait, did I mention that her first hit song was about experimenting with lesbianism? ALL GOOD, Lord!

I’m just saying, you guys are pastors. And this is your lil’ Katy. You pose with her on red carpets, you give her kisses in public, you smile and take pride in your blue-haired rock star daughter. In fact, you’ve even given a lecture to fellow worshipers about what to do when you have a “rock star daughter” (question: but how does one find different ways to say “take a percentage of the royalties” for an hour?!!?). Surely it can’t be that difficult for two adult people who are super enthusiastic about God, Jesus, the Bible, end times, and stuff, to say to their daughter, “sweetheart, we’re cool with the blue hair even though it is obvious to everyone that it looks dumb and awful. But maybe we could tone down the sexuality a touch? Like how about showing up once in a while in public in something that does not look like it was Saran Wrapped onto you?”

See? It’s all about baby steps, Keith and Mary. Baby steps.

Much love, Arye Dworken

What do you think?

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  1. Keith hudson

    I read this letter I do have something to say one reason Iam Katys Dad and Arye does not know Gods Love witch allways wins out over every thinging. Blessings

  2. Krista

    Being rude and sarcastic definitely isn’t going to make anyone become Christian, if you are and you talk down to people like that. Also, Katy Perry is a grown woman. There’s a certain point in everyone’s life when a parent can only do so much. Her parents can’t make her do anything. Just because they are pastors does not mean Katy has to look, act, speak, or believe like they do. She’s her own person. It does not determine what type of people her parents are whatsoever, and I don’t think they need to be scolded.

  3. mkbutterfly71

    I have to comment again. If Katy or her parents really do read this, let me just say a few things-please hear me out. I truly feel that Katy Perry is being used by the music industry. There is NO WAY I can go into everything here. What I will say is this: her Rolling Stone piece in Aug.of 2010 is loaded with ‘triggers’ for anyone who has EVER been ritually abused. Whether ‘you’ the reader, believes this or not-research Monarch Programming and then re-read that article. And take note of her religious background (charismatic-mine was too) there are MANY great people in that church, but charismatic churches are common for RA abuse. My life has been turned UPSIDE DOWN since reading that article. If you do not believe me, google my handle name. I feel bad for Katy. She will be used and thrown away. My first comment was pure anger. I believe Arye sees through the ACT of Kitty Kat Katy. Once her hype and youth is gone, I hope her parents will be there for her. I think Arye was trying to point out what they have already stated: ‘the Hollywood crowd changed her.’ There is MUCH more behind the hollywood crowd than they may know. And if her father REALLY wrote that comment or just someone who knew him…RE-READ it. ‘Which” is spelled WITCH. IAM is together. Blessings? If you know anything about Luciferian practices you’ll find that odd. Hudson is her real last name. Think I’m crazy- research it before you say that. Thanks Arye.

  4. Barry

    In a You Tube video Katy claimed she tried to be a Christian artist and that went nowhere so she said she sold her soul. I guess Katy faced a choice be broke or sing secular music and have lots of money. I think she was discovered and she signed with a major record label and I guessed is controlled by her record label. She has fame and money but at a price of her soul.

  5. kate

    Ok so i found this letter by accident but it caught my attention none the less, i have to say this Arye Dworken sounds like a moron Katy Perry is a performer her parents can’t control what she wears says or does she’s not a child anymore even more so Katy is a great performer. Why bring up that she and her now hubby did some couples therapy? it’s actually believed EVERY couple should do a form of therapy before they marry and on top of that Yes Russel admitted to doing drugs when he was younger but(if i’m remembering the article correctly) around 16 he completely turned his life around and he hasn’t touched drugs since he doesn’t even drink…and so what if he likes sex? it’s not that big of a deal. all this religious crap is getting annoying if you don’t like her music don’t listen to it if you don’t like her appearance don’t look at her…damn your not being forced to experience it. Get over it and stop assuming why people do the things they do becuase they love Satan seriously it’s music.

  6. Jack

    I feel if you don’t show rebuke to your daughter, in this situation, you don’t show your daughter love. The father had a chance not to participate in his daughter’s Hindu cerimonial wedding, as a rebuke, to give Katy an opportunity to experience the reality of rejecting God. This is what the Apostile Paul commands us to do so the rebellious person can understand what they are doing and turn back to Christ. It’s hard. If my daughter was to marry with Hindu rituals included, I would know what I should do, and it would be difficult. I try to not support my daughter when she is reebellious torwards God. I just don’t want her to think that I am or God is OK with immoral actions. My daughter has sworn about God in my face, later discussed her opinion an sexual immorality, All I could asked was?” how is you relationship with God?’ She is now interested in God, which is a miracle from God. It reminds me that man that bring conviction, only the Holy spirit can! so prayer is the most important. The Father could learn a lesson on how Chuck Smith Jr. had to rebuke his son to a point where his son could not carry the Calvary Chaple name associated with his dad. Later, facebook, the son appears to still have respect and appreciation for his dad. If his dad is reading this I wuld suggest to him to research this on the web, maybe call Chuck Smith Sr. to get some imput and encouragement. We actually don’t know if we can save our son and/or daughters but its still is an important issue.

  7. Jack

    As the article tries to remind the parents of what Katy, I think the parents allready knew about her songs and what she wears. They can’t be expected tell her what she can do. “It’s not like they can kick her out of the house”. I still think not showing support for a daugher, or son, as a Young adult in certain certain situatons is important to allow the child to truly walk in the light where the light exposes the darkness. Therefore, the child truly knows when they are doing wrong and can confess thier sins to God and have Christ blood wash away those sins. Lying to ourselves about doing wrong is avoiding spiritual truth which is what John regards as walking in darkness (1John2:9) The best thing a parent can do is continue to focus main attention on God and make sure you your actions present a valid reflection who Jesus is according to the scriptures. So then his true love wlll be revealed.

  8. Allen

    I know Keith and Mary Hudson. They have spoken at my church in Dinubaseveral times and this is what I have to say. Rarely have I met two people wo love each other, God, or their children mire than the Hudsons. To think that they approve of the subject matter of her songs, or the style of her marriage is absurd. They do highly support Katy. They have taught her in the way that she should live, but as most parents find out, adult children will live their life the way they want. In the Bible, it says to hate the sin, but love the sinner. Only a poor parent, even a Christian, would throw away that love and support just because they didn’t agree with the path taken by a child. I, as a Christian, refuse to judge the Hudsons, and anyone who does should reexamine themselves.
    Keep Preaching the word Keith. You sate a man of God.

  9. Amy

    LOL at these comments passionately misunderstanding (in different ways) this work of satire. It’s silliness.

  10. Renee

    Keith & Mary,
    Keep on preaching and fighting the GOOD fight of faith!!
    It’s not over!!! Haha! Our God is greater than all the Nay-Sayers and haters!! Light overcomes the darkness! LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!! I’m so very blessed by your ministry and I will continue to pray for your precious, beautiful Katy! I’m so excited to see what is to come because I know it’s coming! God is gonna use Katy in a marvelous way! It’s not over yet!!! God Bless You!!
    Thank you for staying faithful and not quitting when you’ve been talked and lied about! Thank you for continuing on in the midst of your greatest trials! You have honored God, now he’s gonna honor YOU!!!


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