Alissa Wise


Alissa Wise proves that you don’t need a three-foot-long beard to spread wisdom. The rabbi is the program director at Ma’yan, a nonprofit that teaches young women to take a more active part in the Jewish community via programs like networking events and workshops on topics like gender, sexuality and body image.

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  1. Naftali

    This despicable person is a KAPO. She supports boycotts against Israel. Not only passively, but actively encourages Christians to boycott us. She is a disgrace

  2. Squall

    This woman is anything but a rabbi. She pushed the US Presbyterian Church for boycotts againt Israel and lost. She would protect the life of 1 muslim arab over 1000 jews. Stay in your reform church.

  3. David

    This representative of the Deformed “Jewish” Church is entirely contemptible.

  4. DJ

    Hideous human. Not a Rabbi. Perverted individual. No better example of immorality portrayed as virtue.


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