_Heeb_ @ Sundance: A Recap

I just got backfrom Park Citylate last night. I’m f-ing exhausted and bleary-eyed, fo’ shizzle, but I thought I owed you folks a recap of the fest. Here goes:

Former Onion editor turned screenwriter Robert Siegel seems to be on a role: First The Wrestler and now Big Fan (which he also directed), which premiered lastSunday evening in Park City. Overall, this film was pretty darn good–Especially New Yorkers will appreciate its spot-onportrayal of the utter bleakness of life inStaten Island–and Patton Oswalt’s performanceas the New York Giant’s biggest fan, Paul Aufiero, was truly excellent. Another gemin this film? Serafina Fiore–the realife owner of Manhattan stripclub, Headquarters–who plays the bridge ‘n tunnel wife of Aufiero’s brother. Fiore showed up for the film’s Q/A sporting a black unitard, an orange spray-on tanand gloriously fake boobs (It don’t get much more Staten Island than that.). The skull-capped, skinny-jeanedcrowd reveled intheAdrianaLa Cervasimulacrum. Totally priceless.

I saw loadsof other films including the pretty decent Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, an adaptation of one of the late David Foster Wallace’s great works and John Krasinki’s (Jim Halpert from The Office) directorial debut. The cast was huge, including but not limited to Will Arnett, Lou Pucci, Christopher Meloniand like three dudes from The Wire. As for my favorite movie at the fest, you ask? It is without a doubt I Love You Philip Morris, the true story of two gaymen who fall in love in prison starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. This film was nothing short of brilliant and evoked so many emotions–I laughed, I cried, I choked. The premiere of this filmat Sundance was especially awesome considering the recent contoversy in Utah surrounding Proposition 8. In fact, I haven’t seen such agay-friendly event since Rufus Wainwright channeled Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall in 2006.

I also racked up a hostof celeb sightings during my short time at the fest, which range from the ethereal–I almost ran over Sting on the way to the bathroom at some bar–to the gross–I sat two seats away from a scantily-clad (and possibly coked-up) Paris Hilton at some dinner. I also spotted Slash, Liam Neeson, and that dude with the shaggy mane and the perpetually perfect5 0’clock shadowfrom that craptasic new show The City.

All in all a good time. Peace out.

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