_Heeb_ Summer Gadget Review

David Martel has appeared on NBC 4’s Your LA as well as Tom Green’s live web show, however, we met him in a kiddie pool filled with gefilte fish at the _Heeb_ Olympics. After being hosed down, Dave impressed us with his knowledge of gadgetry so much, that we invited him to give us his insights on three doodads that can keep you cool this summer.

1. We’ll start with the ice shot glass mold–not because it’s literally the coolest of the items, but cause everything is more fun after liquor. You simply fill and freeze the flexible silicon mold to make four shot glasses. Since you’re probably wondering, the frozen glasses last more than long enough to enjoy your shot—even if you sip it like a little wuss. The best part may be chucking them into the sink from a distance, when you’re done. Available on Amazon for $7.

2. After you’ve had a few shots, you may want to power up your pocket laser light show. This little AAA-powered unit paints psychedelic shapes on your ceilings or walls, however it’s not responsive to sound. If there’s smoke in the air (not that there would be for any reason) it will add to the effect tremendously. At $15 it’s not the cheapest way to broadcast that you have no idea how to please a woman, but definitely one of the most effective.

3. So now you’re wasted and you just scared off your date. It’s time to hit the club, so why not put on a T-Qualizer T-Shirt. While at $40 it’s the priciest item on the list, you might also say it provides the greatest WOW-factor. The pulsing equalizer bars are responsive to sound captured from the mic located in its small battery box. Just don’t throw this thing in the Maytag —you have to wash it by hand.

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