99 Percent of Conservative Radio Hosts Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction

While Jewdar confesses to not spending too much time listening to the radio (we figure that if FDR says anything really good in his fireside chats, we can read about it in the paper the next day), from what we’ve heard of conservative radio hosts, they do seem pretty uniformly to be mean. It seems clear to us, however, that they act like mean guys to compensate for the fact that their own genitals don’t work. One can navigate to this website to get help from experts in this area. Certainly, Michael Weiner’s (as Michael Savage was known when he was a baby) little contretemps this week did nothing to change our opinion. According to the bloviating boor, “99 percent” of kids diagnosed with autism are just “brats” who need to be told to cut it out. To be sure, that’s the kind of comment only a mean person would make. Moreover, only a mean guy would fail to realize what a mean comment it was, and refuse to apologize. But what elevates a guy like Savage into the upper echelons is that, not only did he refuse to apologize, he didn’t even stick by his statement, and instead tried to find a weaselly middle-ground that made it look like his “comment” (which many people, Jewdar included, would simply call a lie) was actually meant to create some sort of meaningful discussion.

“My main point remains true. It is an overdiagnosed medical condition. In my readings, there is no definitive medical diagnosis for autism.”

Well gosh, Michael, thanks for input. But while many are pissed off at him, Jewdar is willing to be a little lenient, since we realize that his “hyperbole” is just a way of overcompensating for erectile dysfunction. And according to our readings, conservative radio hosts suffer from erectile dysfunction. Maybe 99 percent is a little high, but our main point remains true.

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  1. chai-howarya

    This is lifted from Chatalogical humour, Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post’s Live Discussion blog

    Gene Weingarten: Good afternoon.
    Do you remember Michael Savage, the poisonous right-wing radio talk show host whom I reported about in my piece on

  2. Hesed

    For all the things that stupid ass says, this is what gets press?

    Jewdar, do me a favor…no more Michael Savage stories. Unless that story happens to be “Michael Savage found floating in East River”.

  3. jewdar

    Remember Hesed, I don’t actually listen to the guy–it’s only when he makes it into the Times that I know what he’s saying. That said, your dream scenario would probably fit the bill, though personally, I’d prefer the headline “Michael Savage Admits He’s


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