Why Do Ad-Rock And Jon Stewart Not Have Their Own TV Show Yet?

There’s something ironic about Adam Horovitz wearing a “Felix Unger Photography” teeshirt on his first-ever Daily Show appearance. If anything, King Ad-Rock is the laid back Oscar Madison to Jon Stewart’s be-suited Unger. At least, that’s how I picture things in the updated Odd Couple remake that flashed through my – and presumably everyone else’s – head the moment the once-and-future Beastie Boy walked on stage.

Horoviz, doing press Noah Baumbach’s When We’re Young, in which he co-stars, stopped by Stewart’s set last night, and immediately it became clear that this interview was going to be something different. Although the two had only met once before (while Stewart was working as – *shudder* – an MTV V-J) they acted like old friends, if not, as they themselves acknowledge, distant cousins. There’s seat swapping, yiddish, boner-talk, and an Abbot-and-Costello-esque back and forth patter that can only mean one thing: Steward and Horovitz need their own TV show and they need it now.


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