When Circled, Jews Own The Letter “U”

Through the miracle of litigation (or at least threatening to sue), a group of Orthodox Jews has made a northwest Indiana convenience store chain their bitch. Luke Oil Co. had the audacity to use the kosher trademark — that friendly "U" inside a circle — as part of its new "Serving U" logo. This sent the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America into action; they filed a motion for a federal lawsuit against the corporation for illegally using a trademark. Jews need that symbol to know which foods are and are not permitted and could potentially have been confused into thinking the multi-billion dollar corporation was, in fact, something to eat. Luke Oil’s attorney claims the resemblance was unintentional and caved.

With this victory, the Orthodox Jews have reclaimed the 21st letter of the alphabet (when placed inside a circle). Just 25 to go. Another wise and proper use of the legal system.

For even more information about this scandalous, groundbreaking story, check out Convenience Store News, the paper dedicated to "what’s next in convenience and petroleum retailing."

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  1. mickster

    I agree 100% with the Orthodox Union here. While the odds of there being a kosher convenience store in northwestern Indiana, this clearly invokes a trademark-knowingly or unknowingly.

    If they had used the ABC TV logo or the “LV” for Louis Vuitton, even i

  2. mickster

    And another thing-and this goes to the heart of the suit:

    “Pictures included in the lawsuit show the symbol appearing next to the word “Luke” in various parts of Luke convenience stores, including above a wall of food and on a cup for fountain drinks, th


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